Cultural Tours

Nepal is a multi-cultural country where many travelers make their famous destination for Nepal as a cultural tour.  Nepal is filled with the varied ethnic groups, their unique cultures, and traditions, where people usually come to explores the different ethnic groups and historical sightseeing around the Kathmandu Valley and rural areas of Nepal. Nepal is one of the best and fascinating countries for a cultural sightseeing tour, fascinating arts, and unique and wide-ranging architecture, with its long history. In Nepal, there are a vast diversity of the people, and their own culture, language, traditions, lifestyles, customs will intrigue any people of Nepal. Nepal, the cultural diversity country is filled with the numerous century old temples, monasteries, stupas, artistic architectures, and monuments. A wide range of the Nepalese people are dominated by the Hindu and Buddhist religion and have deep faith in it.  Beside cultures, traditions, and religions, Nepal is rich in natural beauty. Cultural tour in Nepal also offers panoramic Himalayas scenery, and varied stunning landscapes which will give you an enchanting glimpse of Nepal with its varied peoples, cultures, traditions, and natural scenery. Cultural Tour in Nepal offers an opportunity to explore the rich Nepalese cultural tradition, unique cultural heritage, glorious history, fascinating jungle safari and many more.
Around the Himalayas trek will perfectly design cultural tour packages to highlights various cultures of Nepal including holy pilgrimage sites, local villages, ancient monuments, and world heritage sites all of which reveal the abundance and diversity of the Nepalese culture. In Nepal there are more than one hundred ethnic and caste groups are existed and they have their own unique languages. More than 92 languages are in practices and these languages have their own oral cultures and traditions, Around the Himalayas provide you an opportunity to see almost the ethnic group’ culture, traditions, and manner during your cultural sightseeing tour program. Cultural tour in Nepal is an ideal tour for worldwide visitors to gain true insight into real Nepalese culture and experience some of the enthusiastic local festivals and celebrations. Varied ethnic people of Nepal are well known for their hospitality, generosity, and welcoming of strangers, which will make your cultural tour in Nepal one of the best tours in the life. Visitors will get chance to explore extended history, alluring arts, and unique architecture, holy pilgrimage sites, historical monuments, and UNESCO sites and many more.
Cultural tour in Nepal includes explorations of the Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. The Kathmandu Valley is filled with its sacred temples, stupas, monasteries, and narrow winding colorful streets. Next one is the lake city Pokhara, which is filled with stunning lakes, spectacular Himalayas views, majestic Mahendra Cave, magical David Falls, Shanti Stupas, Museum, and many more. Chitwan, famous for National Park where you can do wildlife jungle safari. Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha, filled with varied architectural buildings. Nagarkot, a famous hill stations for impressive sunrise, sunset, and the majestic Himalayas. There are so many other famous places to explore. Cultural Tour provides you chances to gain precious and unique insights into the varied ethnic groups, their lifestyles, traditions, religions, beliefs, social behavioral patterns, and many more cultural aspects of Nepal.