Dolpa Region

The Dolpa region considered as the last enclave of pure Tibetan Culture in the entire world remained isolated from the rest of the world for thousands of years. Gifted with high mountains and splendid trekking trails, Dolpa district has been bounded by the seventh highest mountain; the Dhaulagiri Range and the Tibetan Plateau. This unspoiled territory is surrounded with snow-capped mountains, Himalayan glaciers, and beautiful lakes. For majorities, it would be unbelievable before stepping into this unrevealed land that people of Dolpa still are practicing the nomadic lifestyle that has been stretched back from the past. Witness the pure form of Tibetan culture, undetected highlands, and sacred landscapes that Dolpa region has preserved.
The Dolpa region has one of the most thrilling trekking terrains and is home to some of the highest villages on the earth. The charisma of this secret higher land is still unharmed by the external restructured world. This land too receives less rain and is much drier but not as extreme as that of the Mustang region. Old fashioned settlements, enormous mountains and evergreen forest decorated with pine trees, Rhododendron, and Oaks are some of the mesmerizing attractions of this hidden land.
Here too, local people practice nomadic lifestyle alike the neighboring region; Mustang. Since centuries, Dolpa population have been following the Tibetan Culture and tradition. Explore the unexplored mysterious Himalayan land and witness the pure natural beauty and hidden treasures while trekking in the Dolpo region. This land is full of lively people, marvelous landscapes, enigmatic valleys, cliff-clinging monasteries, and crystal-clear streams.
Do you know that the Dolpa Region was the site for the 1999 Oscar-nominated Nepalese film “Caravan” also sold as “Himalaya”? Until 1989 A.D., tourists have been restricted to enter this wonderland. This highly mythical land remained lonely and unknown until Nepal Government give permission to open for trekking. Nowadays, for both domestic and international travelers, Dolpa region trekking has become as one of the desirable traveling destinations in the world.
Moreover, this region has more to offer about its tremendous beauty such as Shey Phoksundo Lake and Shey Phoksundo National Park which is famous among the travelers. Shey Phoksundo lake is the deepest lake of Nepal that beautifies this region whereas Shey Phoksundo National Park is the is Nepal’s largest conservation area where many wildlife including Blue Sheep, Musk Deer, Snow Leopards, Snow Pigeons, Himalayan Griffons, and jackals have been surviving. Untouched by the technological world, this remote land has unique and ancient terrains. For the learner, Dolpa region offers the pure form of Tibetan religion. Mediate in the meditation center with Tibetan lamas in this peaceful region.
February to November is considered as the best months for the Upper Dolpa Treks. The high passes trails of the Dolpa region offers you the pristine beauty and rugged charm which absolutely is unmatchable to the rest of the trekking trails. While trekking in the Upper Dolpa region, you pass through several ancient monasteries, old-style houses, and barren yet green desert land. The Upper Dolpa region trekking is one of the most exciting treks in the hidden adventurous land. The upper Dolpa trek is a journey to the undiscovered routes in the mountainous terrain from the foothills of the massive Himalayas to several tremendous high passes and ancient villages. Please feel free to contact us to organize any type of treks, Around the Himalayas is one of the growing companies in the trekking area.