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Take nothing except Photos, Leave nothing except Footprints.

In a common language, Ecotourism also known as sustainable tourism is an environment-friendly and eco-development traveling. In recent years, Ecotourism is a boiling topic in developing countries like Nepal. Geographical and cultural diversity, numerous snow-capped mountains, mysterious Himalayan glaciers, enough vegetations, and varieties in wildlife are some of the highlighted causes behind Nepal becoming as one of the attractive eco-tourism destinations in the world. Witness and experience the pure form of beauty that nature has gifted Nepal for people of this globe! Let’s be the part of ecotourism development and save the existence nature and ecosystem of this world!

Out of the hundreds of definitions that have been developed regarding ecotourism, the formal definition given by Ceballos Lascurain (1987) who has been considered as the first person to define this term is, “Tourism that involves travelling to relatively undisturbed or uncontaminated areas with the specific objective of studying, admiring and, enjoying scenery and its wild plants and animals, as well as existing culture, accepts found in these areas.”

These days with the rise of social media applications and users, people are well informed with the miscellaneous attractive natural sites. They wish to explore different regions and observe the day-to-day lifestyle of this world. The core concentration of ecotourism are those areas which are rich in biodiversity, cultural heritage, and flora and fauna. Nepal is fortunate with those. Not only that this Himalayan land is that paradise where you find highest to lowest terrains, difference in cultural and language from one region to another, outdated to up-to-date lifestyle, traditional to modern customs, a mixture of different religious communities, numerous festivals, and so on. People of 21st century want to add adventurous in their life. Nepal is a popular adventurous destination. River rafting, mountain biking, peak climbing, bungee jumping, skydiving, jungle safari, sightseeing, trekking around the Himalayas, and mountaineering are some of the famous daring activities in Nepal. These things have promoted ecotourism in Nepal.

Ecotourism is a multidisciplinary phenomenon that directly affects the natural, social, and cultural environment of the local communities. Moreover, the direct impact of ecotourism goes in the ecological conservation and economic development of local communities. Nepal is the land of natural beauties. Generally, sustainable tourism is a responsible travel that focuses on environmental sustainability and involves in the protection and the promotion of nature. This form of tourism can educate, engage and encourage locals, tourists, and government officers about the importance of the protection of natural conservations, natural resources, wildlife, cultural heritage, and biodiversity.

Ecological tourism provides you the wonderful traveling opportunities around the Himalayas including traditional and adventurous trails. Travelers from all over the world are welcome to explore this Himalayan land. Let’s promote the eco-friendly tourism in Nepal through exploring the unexplored and unspoiled areas of Nepal. Encourage local people towards the protection of local cultures, traditions, terrains and landscapes, forest areas, and wildlife. Provide this opportunity to around the Himalayas, a leading trekking company in Nepal and make your wish come real.