Mustang Region

 Mustang Region usually say, “Heaven is a myth, Nepal is Real.” The Mustang district lying at the top of the Kali Gandaki river bestrides the Himalayas. You can’t believe until you explore this place that it is still untouched by modern civilization. Mustang is an ancient Himalayan hidden Kingdom which is highly influenced by the Tibetan culture. Hidden from the external world, the culture of the Mustang region is originally from Tibet and well-preserved since centuries. You will be overwhelmed with the beauty this old-fashioned kingdom has to offer. The lifestyle of the Himalayan people is completely different than the rest of the world. Mustang being one of the old kingdoms of Nepal portrays the typical lifestyle and religion of the Himalayan people.


The Mustang region depicts the unspoiled nature. Although lying in the Himalayas, the territory is filled with green and desert lands surrounded by snow-capped mountains such as the Annapurna range and the Dhaulagiri range. This land receives less rain and has a mystical desert-like landscape. Usually, a strong wind blows there that makes the environment drier. This highland presents you a colorful mosaic made up of yellowish-brown shades, desert land, and solitary mountain pillars which surely is different from the rest of the world.  
Besides the geography of the Mustang region, its local people and their unique culture are also key attractions of this paradise on earth. Trekking in Mustang is a great alternative for explorers to acquire first-hand experiences about life in the Himalayas. Additionally, if you are interested in Tibetan culture and religion, this is the best choice. Even for people concerned about anthropology, mythology, and art, explore this ancient land. You will find a mixture of the Tibetan and Buddhist traditions, but the majority follows the Tibetan way. Usually, the Tibetan language is spoken here but Nepali and local dialect too are found. Mustang indeed is the best land for a trek around the Himalayas.
Only in 1992, foreigners were permitted to enter this antique kingdom but in a restricted number to preserve the local fauna and flora. That’s the reason, this secret land of Nepal has been unknown to most travelers. This green-desert land is divided into Lower Mustang and Upper Mustang. Also known as The Last Forbidden Kingdom, Upper Mustang in Nepal lies in the rain shadow of the Annapurna range and the Dhaulagiri range. The climate found here is trans-Himalayan. Explore the real Tibetan style, Lo Manthang; the old capital of Mustang where the previous king of the Mustang region currently resides. This old stoned walled city is one of the forbidden kingdoms in the Mustang region. Explore the red-walled monasteries, barren panoramas, and old-fashioned settlements. The Upper Mustang Trek is famous for its sandy and desert landscapes along with windy climate, resembling the scenarios of the Wild West. Admire the uniquely shaped smooth hills during Trekking in Upper Mustang.  Enjoy the spectacular views of snowcapped mountain peaks. February to November are the best months for Upper Mustang Trekking.
Upper Mustang Trek begins from The Tribhuvan Domestic Airport, Kathmandu from where your flight to Pokhara and then to Jomsom, the current capital city of the Mustang Region. The checkpoint or gateway to the Upper Mustang Region is Kagbeni. The additional Trekking Routes to Upper Mustang continues along with Annapurna Route in Lower Mustang Nepal which is famous for a holy place, the Muktinath Temple; it is a popular pilgrim destination for both Hindu and Buddhist. More and more trekkers are being attracted to explore the mystery that this region has preserved since years and years. Mustang offers many captivating views and we dedicatedly inspire you to find out for yourself. Please feel free to contact us to organize any type of treks as Around the Himalayas is one of the growing companies in the trekking area.