Code of Ethics

[Around The Himalayas Pvt. Ltd] complies with all statutory norms as per the governing law. As a Responsible Tour Operator, we have been accredited by the Ministry of Culture Tourism and Civil Aviation as per strict guidelines on safe and ethical tourism and proper inspections. As per our commitment towards our ethical standards, we conduct our business in a manner that befits the culture and ethos of our rich and ancient civilization, and the tolerant and accommodating nature of our multicultural society and protects all individuals, especially women and children from all derogatory acts, which are contrary to the spirit ofour country. We are committed to abide by Codes of Conduct in all operations.We also recognize that every earth resource is finite and fragile, we are committed to fully implement sustainable tourism practices, consistent with the best environment and heritage protection standards, that optimise both local community benefit and future sustainable uses.

We are following an ethical business strategy throughout our operations. We don’t entertain any unethical elements as a part of our business, with our customers, suppliers, staff or anyone related to our business. We also don’t do any unethical business competition practices to beat any of our business colleagues in the Industry. We maintain an ethical business relationship with our partners and clients to have a long term association. We will not entertain bribery, financial frauds or any such economic offences in our business. All our staff and management members are supposed to adhere to the strict ethical policies of the Company.