Why travel with Around the Himalayas?

We are here to provide our customers, the best services in all possible ways. Traveling with the below-listed facilities will add more adventurous and delightful moments in your journey.

1. Customers’ Oriented Service
For us, customers’ happiness, safety, comfortability, and best interest values the most. We have beensuccessfully maintaining our communication with customers to understand our clients’ interests and limitations. That’s the reason, we provide many options regarding travel around the Himalayas.Furthermore, we make regular contacts with our interested customers before traveling to understand their motives and circumstances towards traveling. We actively response your queries and suggestions through emails and messages, please feel comfortable to contact us at any time and from anywhere.

2. Customers’ Health and Safety
Traveling around the Himalayas is a life’s greatest adventure which requires great strength and intuition.We provide you all kinds of information about the change in climate and precautionary methods essential in trekking. Our expert team always pays extra care to your health and to the weather conditions. Our guides have been trained in basic first-aid services and also some of the quick emergency services.Additionally, our company’s tour and trekking guides in Nepal carry avant-garde gears to safeguard your travel.

3. Professional Guides
We believe professionalism arises not only from theories but practical too. Our tour guides and staff are highly experienced in guiding travelers and are knowledgeable about the local cultures, travel challenges and are certified from the Nepal-government. They are well experienced in making your travel beautiful and memorable. Our guides are friendly at the same time. Taking their responsibilities honestly and carefully, they are experts in communication skills. Enjoy your travel with our amazing team, who will surely make your trip even more wonderful.Our team is highly dedicated to making your dream successful. Just make a choice and inform us, we will deliver you the best trek or tour that suits according to your time and budget. Your journey is ours too.Being a growing company, we heartily welcome your feedbacks and reviews after traveling with us.

4. Sustainable Tourism Development
Our company also focuses on reducing the carbon footprint and contribute to the society, as we are connected with different NGOs and INGOs for children’s education and future, not only that we also help preserving the environment. We believe in showing authenticity of Nepal, by promoting the local lifestyle of the people of Nepal.